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◇ Talk about the equipment daily maintenance and eliminate common problems
◇ Belong to product quality problem within Warranty ,we are all ensure free warranty.
◇ Set up permanent offices and spare parts warehouse and after-sales service technician, to provide you with the thoughtful
     and efficient  service.
◇ Do our best to plan for people to exclude problem within 24 hours,,and give you answer ater receiving the service demand  
      in 1 hour.
◇ After-sale Service Department  is responsible for receiving and dealing with customers complaints of product quality and
      service quality
◇ We will unregularly carry out re-tracking service between new and old customer to solve problem for our users.
◇ Which any user can come to our company to accept the guidance of the personnel training free of charge in every time.
◇ Users enjoy life-long after-sales service guarantee